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We have an extensive professional network of management consulting executives who we bring in under the Innoviance umbrella depending on the nature of the client requirement and the mandate.

Kim Oreskovic
Founder and Managing Director
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Kim Oreskovic’s accomplishment as an executive management consultant advising cutting-edge private equity backed companies in the technology space, places her in a niche sector in the European market. She is recognized as a proactive leader, trusted executive, sounding board, and innovator, leveraging the skills gained earlier in her career with KPMG to build upon her entrepreneurial strengths, influencing industry leaders and driving business growth on a large scale.


Prior to her career as an entrepreneur and corporate strategist, Kim worked at KPMG in both Vancouver and Amsterdam, rising to an Associate Director position in the Transaction Services practice. Kim provided guidance on mergers, joint ventures, business sales and cross-border deals and has acquired valuable international experience primarily centered in Asia.


Kim is a graduate of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. She is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and fluent in Dutch with an intermediate understanding of the French language. In her free time, Kim enjoys running, skiing in the Canadian Rockies, rock climbing in southern Thailand and lyrical jazz dance classes.

Retained by executives of cutting-edge firms to act as a sounding board, mediator, and independent thinker.


Recognized for the ability to kick-start, articulate, and integrate complex ideas across an organization and culture.

Established cross-border and cross functional deal specialist.

"Kim exudes speed, accuracy, energy, drive and verve. Well-versed globally in advisory, consulting, the Big 4, banking and finance, and tech sectors... disruption and innovation included. A game changer. She is hard to place - since she has so many skills! Very dynamic, very international, broad outlook and aspect on life and work."

Lisa Addison

Business Growth Consulting, Blockchain Start-ups, StartupBootcamp Mentor

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